clublevante views the world that surrounds us as the only true resource of pleasure, nothing we create will ever be as sustainable or pleasurable as what this beautiful island has provided to all its past inhabitants or to its modern day people.
clublevante provides the link to these immense natural resources for all its guests, after all, why seek a manmade pleasure when you can enjoy the real deal.Pantelleria offers a natural, untouched and unspoiled spa for all its visitors. We @ clublevante want our guests to experience these resources with no filters as a constant reminder to take with them where ever they go. This will create simple, real and long lasting memories they can pass on to loved ones, friends and others, knowing they have helped preserve these treasures that have existed for thousands of years

thelake  specchio di venere

Pantelleria boasts a breathtaking saline lake naturally fed by the sea, it reaches a depth of approx. 35M and is completely safe for swimming. Its argillaceous banks provide a soothing and beneficial effect when applied and dried on the skin.


hot springs created by the underground volcano activity rise in three distinct spots on the island, Gadir, Nikà and Sataria. This is a wonderful and true way to experience how the romans lived.


@ the resort in your dammuso, holistic massage, shiatsu & yogapilates instructor



the crystal clear deep blue sea that surrounds the island flourishes with sea life and vegetation. The Arc of the Elephant, Pantelleria’s most distinctive and beautiful feature, is only a 5min. walk from the resort for a refreshing swim. The thousand nooks the seacoast is made of are a spectacle to visit as one pleases. Boats can be rented individually or with a captain. The underwater world is something to marvel for divers-the extremely clear waters provide a unique view of the submerged wonders. Cala Levante Diving Facility is fully equipped and a stroll away from the resort ensuring access to the deep blue for divers of all levels from unique archeological dives to open water degrees.


pantelleria’s favourable latitude and a low light pollution is an excellent venue to view the night sky.


due to its high elevation, pantelleria enjoys breathtaking paths throughout its mountain region that can be experienced by everyone. Whether it be for a simple walk or the most avid run in this mediterranean marvel.


enjoy a ride along the many paths into the mountain or around the lake.