you have to make an effort to get to clublevante, hidden in the middle of the mediterranean sea between sicily and africa, but once you are here, we will go the extra mile to make sure you have a fantastic time.

personal service
clublevante resort was our summer house, for more than 20 years now, its been the preferred stop of many travellers that consider the resort as their own home in pantelleria, our family has lived the island for more than 40yrs and we will do our best to share this knowledge with you

sustainable pleasure
pantelleria, being so remote, naturally promotes a simple way of living, the best way to understand what it means to being green is to remember to enjoy what doesn’t need to be plugged in, switched on or online

outstanding scenery
the island of pantelleria is a small gem, a little world apart, the sea the mountain the lake, hot springs heritage architecture and a vast culinary tradition and clublevante is set in the most magical bay of the island

the kitchen in a world hungry for energy, where your food is sourced your is very important, we have the fortune to be set in a place where almost everything can be sourced locally and our philosophy of set menu dinners allow us to create truly genuine tasting journeys for our guests to enjoy