I arrived almost by chance on the island of Pantelleria in 1970 , when I still was a drummer searching for a place where I could wind down in between tours, and I found it there, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It wasn’t love at first sight. This island is like a beautiful woman, she won’t reveal her true beauty unless you gently seduce her. Then, and only then, will she disclose her unique world made of crystal clear sea, thousands of inlets and caves, a mountain with a forest where you may find mushrooms in fall, a lake with thermal waters and more warm springs in the sea. In the lush green plateau, autochthonal plants grow and the scent of the local food, which comprises many varieties of fish dishes, reminds us of the nearby Africa.Throughout the years, many friends have come to visit me here. I’ve always tried to convey to them those feelings that I have experienced during my long stays on the island. Perhaps this is the very same philosophy that the Club Levante is based on: we want to make our hosts feel as if they have already been here, as if they are familiar with the island, through our experience, showing them all that the island can offer. Club Levante is located in the most beautiful part of the island, very close to the sea. The view is breathtaking, the coast climbs steeply to the little village called Tracino and to the terraces which will make you feel as if you are in the countryside even though you’re just a few metres away from the sea. The rooms have been created from old stone ‘dammusi’, completely refurbished, with cosy terraces (ducchene) each having a spectacular sea view, surrounded by bougainvilleas and ‘zibibbo’ vineyards. On Pantelleria there are many leisure activities: scuba-diving, walks or horse riding, and nights at the disco. You may also choose to relax by the pool or spend the day on a boat. However, you will soon realize that Pantelleria is to be savoured at a slow pace, Caribbean style; the breakfast together in the morning, lazing around at dusk, and the dinner (based on fresh fish and our own local products) as a moment of relax together, will take up most of your time, unless you belong to the restless kind, to whom the Roman ‘otium’, the slow paced holiday, is regarded as sinful and to whom we do not recommend to come to Pantelleria, let alone at Club Levante.

the owner