exclusively yours, we can give you an idea of the cost of exclusive use of clublevante so please call us today to discuss how we can customise the experience just for you and your family. contact us +39-0923-915-246 or matteo@clublevante.com
exclusivity means the hotel will be hired to you 11:00 on the arranged date to 11:00 of date of your departure whether its a significant birthday an anniversary an amarcord weekend we will take care of all the details from table settings to airport transfers the adaptable space at clublevante will let your fantasy wonder the price will include accommodation 1 dinner & breakfast for 26 guests our staff fully dedicated is fully   dedicated in satisfying your needs, no other guests will be allowed into the hotel so you can treat the house as your own private home, for larger groups we collaborate with adjacent properties
clublevante corporate considering the view, the resort is a great resource for launching products of any kind but in particular those concerned with sustainability design health & beauty in the past we had photoshoots for calendars and various fashion brands but also corporate events for business executives
contact us today to launch your idea from clublevante pantelleria italy